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Online sale of Professional Kitchens Spare Parts for industrial and professional kitchens, bar equipment, fryers, ovens, pizza ovens, braising pans, bain-marie. In the GrossClima online catalogue you will find a wide assortment of components ideal for restaurants, canteens, bars, pastry shops, rotisseries.

Professional Kitchens Spare Parts: what does this category include?
In the relevant section you will find a wide range of spare parts for professional kitchens of all brands and types. We have available valves, heating elements, thermostats, gaskets, flame spreaders, baskets that will allow you to easily repair your appliance at the best price.

Consult the online catalogue of Professional Kitchens spare parts of all brands.
GrossClima has a wide selection of spare parts for professional kitchens of all brands and models. Search by model and price for the material or accessory you need: valves, heating elements, thermostats, seals, flame spreaders, baskets. You will find the part you are looking for in our catalogue, and if you cannot find it you can contact us, we will look for the material you need.

Find the product that interests you most. On the relevant page you will find detailed images, technical data sheets and advice on use to help you make your purchase decision. Add the materials to your basket, choose your payment method from those available and confirm your order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button.

131AA46 ANGELO PO Candle Protection Tube 40 mm

131AA46 ANGELO PO is a cover for spark plug tube for professional bratt pan compatible with the brands ASCASO, SAGI, ANGELO PO. It has dimensions of external diameter ø 8 mm and internal ø 5 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE 131AA46 ANGELO PO ASCASO WISE

OPTIBELT Multigrip belt J 280 H14 5 GROOVES


20160603 RATIONAL Nose Pad Right Oven Handle

20160603 RATIONAL is a handle for professional oven code CVT.23 ASCASO / 5405013 RAHRBACH. It is compatible with the brands ANGELO PO, CONVOTHERM, KÜPPERSBUSCH. Version with mounting position on the right and length 110 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE ANGELO PO CONVOTHERM FRIMA KREFFT KÜPPERSBUSCH ROSINOX CVT.23 ASCASO RIO426 ASCASO 6422601 DFERMOD...

Gasket for Knob ø 6x4,6 mm

It is a professional kitchen knob seal compatible with the KÜPPERSBUSCH brands. It has a shaft diameter of ø 6x4.6 mm and an external diameter of ø 17 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE KÜPPERSBUSCH

811730316 SMEG 7-Position Switch 4155710004 EGO

811730316 SMEG is a switch for professional oven code 811730316 ATEL / EPMS. It is compatible with the brands SMEG, ATEL. Version with 16A 250V contact rating and 6x4.6 mm shaft diameter. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE 811730316 SMEG 811730316 SMEG GORENJE 811730316 ATEL 4155710004 EGO 811730316 EPMS

65260003 AMBASSADE Oven Fan ø 180 mm

65260003 AMBASSADE is a professional oven valve compatible with the brands AMBASSADE, ANGELO PO, SAGI. Fan with diameter ø 180 mm and number of blades 12. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE 65260003 AMBASSADE ANGELO PO WISE

Pear Slicer Knob Step M10x1

It is a knob for professional slicer code 4590017 EPMS. It is compatible with the brands BRAHER, EPMS, MEDOC. It has a diameter of ø 31x110 mm and a pin length of 13 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE MEDOC 4590017 EPMS

H40-510 RGV Slicer Motor

H40-510 RGV is a professional slicer motor compatible with the ALA, RGV, EPMS brands. It has a voltage of 230V, frequency 50Hz and an 8 µF capacitor. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE WING RGV EPMS

Handle Slicer 128 mm

It is a handle for a professional slicer. It has a fixing hole distance of 20 mm and a thread ø 6 mm.

300-57-4-254 GRUND & BUNSE Blade Slicer Mod.C

300-57-4-254 GRUND & BUNSE is a blade for slicer professional compatible with the brands GRUND & BUNSE. Blade forged steel 100CR6 with diameter outside ø 300 mm inside ø 254 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODEGRUND & BUNSE

ABOAFF0001 ABO Sharpener

ABOAFF0001 ABO is a sharpener for slicer professional compatible with brands ABO. Version with canopy and screw fixing centre distance 46 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODEABO

ED022 OEM temperature controller Pizza Oven

ED022 OEM is a temperature controller for pizza oven, professional code 333002 BACK OVENS / 00403893 JUMO. It is compatible with equipment OEM, BACK OVENS. Plastic case capillary length of 1000mm and bulb ø 8x147 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE ED022 OEM333002 BACK OVENSOEM.46 ASCASO8501-25-72/TZ24 JUMO00403893 JUMO

91410020 CUPPONE Thermometer, Pizza Oven, White

91410020 CUPPONE is a thermometer for pizza oven professional code 91410020 CUPPONE / 332001 BACK OVENS. It is compatible with equipment CUPPONE, FIMAR, ZANUSSI. Metal housing, length of capillary 700 mm bulb ø 9x50 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE ALPENINOXCOOKMAX91410020 CUPPONEELECTROLUX PROFESSIONALEMMEPIFIMARGGF332001 BACK OVENSWHIRLPOOLZANUSSIEPMS

5532579010 EGO Thermostat griddle, three-Phase 360°C

5532579010 EGO is a thermostat for fry top professional code 5532579010 EGO / MKN.33 ASCASO.It is compatible with equipment MKN, ASCASO. Thermostat manual reset capillary length 1710 mm bulb ø 4x120 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE MKNMKN.33 ASCASO5532579010 EGO

2012000292 AMBACH Hinge Door KASON

2012000292 AMBACH is a zipper for kitchen and professional oven code 2012000292 AMBACH. It is compatible with equipment AMBACH. Version with mounting position rh/lh and a length of 71 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE2012000292 AMBACH

Faucet Gas Thermostat COPRECI SG0018 KRAMPOUZ

SG0018 is a gas valve thermostatic griddle, bain marie, bratt pans and gas cookers. It is compatible with the brand: KRAMPOUZ. Has a fitting exit M14x1,5 mm, connection thermocouple double M8x1 and pin mezzaluna 6x4,6 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE SG0018 KRAMPOUZ

Group Standard Magnetic PEL20-21/JUNKERS/EGA

PEL20-21/JUNKERS/EGA is a magnet for fry top, bain marie, bratt pans and gas cookers. It is compatible with brands: AMBACH, ANGELO PO, SILKO, ALPENINOX, ELECTROLUX, MARENO, ZANUSSI. The standard version with a length of 44mm, diameter 1, diameter 15mm to diameter 2 ø 11mm.
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