1. Subject


1.1 - These conditions governing all sales contracts online concerning 'Products' on the website www.ricambigrossclima.com concluded between GROSSCLIMA, via Machiavelli 27 09047 Selargius (Cagliari) (P. Iva 03108490925 - email: info @ ricambigrossclima. com), and 'Buyer', which means the person has registered on the Website (a person of legal age, company or other entity). Rules apply to contractual and legal related to consumers (in particular the legislative decree. N. 206/2005 Consumer Code) only in the event that the Buyer is a natural person, of legal age, acting for purposes unrelated to 'entrepreneurial activity, commercial, craft or profession.


2. Orders and closing of the sale


2.1 – The sale is final with the acceptance of the order. The order is made by the Buyer, a binding and irrevocable (subject to the exercise of the right of withdrawal), following inclusion of the products in the ‘virtual shopping bag', by selecting "select the method of payment: credit, Pay with Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash, Postepay ". It is accepted by GROSSCLIMA, following the completion of payment, through the 'Order confirmation' from the latter sent, within the next 48 hours, to the email address provided by the Buyer.


2.2 – The characteristics of the Products may change over time and, in case this happens after the order was issued and not accepted yet, the GROSSCLIMA send to the Buyer a notice proposing new conditions to accept for the completion of the sale; if the Purchaser does not accept the proposal, the amounts already paid will be reimbursed.


2.3 - The tax document containing the tax information indicated by the Buyer (tax code or VAT number) is sent to the Buyer together with the Products.


3. Conformity, security, and assurance of products defect


3.1 - Forthe conformity of Products and the warranty is responsible, directly towards the Purchaser, the producer, as defined contractually and / or legally. The producer is responsible also, by law, security and the possible defects of the products and the damage they may have caused. We do not accept any responsibility for GROSSCLIMA, which transfers its rights to the Buyer, unless the Buyer is a consumer, it applies in this case to GROSSCLIMA the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Code relating to the liability of the distributor for the safety of products and liability of the seller for the conformity of Products. 


3.2 – In the latter case, the defects must be reported by the consumer, under penalty of forfeiture, within two months from discovery (complaint not necessary if the seller has acknowledged the defect or has concealed) and no later than one year after delivery. In case of defects the consumer is entitled, in accordance with law, to restore, without charge, of conformity by repair or replacement, or an appropriate price reduction or to the termination of the contract.


4. Price and Payment


4.1 - The prices of products indicated on the website www.ricambigrossclima.com include VAT and prices may be modified, considering the price binding upon closing of the sale as provided for in Article. 2.


4.2 - Payment is made through the system of online payment by credit card, Paypal bank transfer, cash or Postepay.


5. Territoriality


5.1 - For the territory of Italy covers the sovereign territory of the Italian Republic, excluding extra customs territories of the municipalities of Livigno and Campione d'Italy and the Italian waters of Lake Lugano (art. 7 DPR 633/72).


6. Delivery


6.1 - The arrival of the products at their destination is planned within the indicative time-limitof 1-4 working days after order confirmation, without the fact that GROSSCLIMA don’t assumes any responsibility for damage or delay in the carriage, subject to the obligation to perform the GROSSCLIMA’S order confirmed within thirty days.


6.2 – If the Product is not available in stock in the period of thirty days provided above and in the quantity ordered by the Buyer, GROSSCLIMA within the same period notify the Buyer and refund the amount paid for the same price if it has been already paid.


7. Right of withdraw


7.1 – These provisions apply only if the Buyer is a Consumer, with reference to the legislative decree of 21 February 2014, n. 21 implementing Directive 2011/83 / EU on Consumer rights.        


7.2 – The Purchaserhas the right to withdraw from a contract within 14 calendar daysfrom receipt of Products without giving any reason.The right of withdraw is exercised, within that period, by written communication and should be effected by way of registered letter and acknowledgement of receipt and addressed to GROSSCLIMA via Machiavelli 27 09047 Selargius (Cagliari), mediante lettera raccomandata con avviso di ricevimento. The communication may also be send, within the same terms, by telegram, fax or e-mail (info@ricambigrossclima.com), provided that it is confirmed by registered post with recorded delivery within the following 48 hours.This shall be regarded as having been sent at the time of delivery to the post office. Such notification must include the order number and the one shown on the shipping document, the codes of the products you intend to return and coordinates (including IBAN) of the bank account where to return your payment back.


7.3 - The Purchaser is required to make restitution to the following address GROSSCLIMA - Via Machiavelli 27 09047 Selargius (Cagliari), the products for which it terminated the contract within that period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the same. Products are considered returned when they are delivered to the carrier, but the return is at the expense and risk of the Purchaser (parcels cash or in carriage will be rejected). The essential integrity of products is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal: Products must be returned accompanied by the packaging, documentation obtained at delivery and in normal condition, which implies a diligent care and use.


7.4 - GROSSCLIMA will refund to the Purchaserany sums it has paid for the Products for which the withdrawal right has been exercised in accordance with the provisions of this legislative decree. The redemption of the full amount will be free of charge, as quickly as possible anyway within 14 calendar days of the day on which GROSSCLIMA became aware of exercising the right of withdrawal.


8. Controversy


8.1 - Any controversy concerning the definition, validity, interpretation, fulfilment, modification or cancellation of the contract shall be solved observing the principles of international right and the international conventions in force. In any case the parties will confer immediately and make every effort necessary to set up any modifications required to maintain and safeguard the economic benefits deriving from the contract for both parties.Place of jurisdiction for any disputes shall be defined according to the principles of international right and the international conventions in force. In the event of the contracting parties being companies with a registered office in Italy, it is agreed that Italian law shall be applied exclusively andthe place of jurisdiction shall be Cagliari. The Court in Cagliari is the only responsible for any disputes unless solely to cases where the Purchaser is also the Consumer.

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