Water Purifiers - Softeners & Spares

Buy online professional dishwasher purifiers and professional coffee machine purifiers, filtration systems able to improve the quality of water and eliminate the taste of chlorine. Moreover, in Gross Clima's catalogue you will find a wide range of professional dishwasher softeners of volumetric monobloc type or other types. The softeners are also suitable for different models of professional coffee machines.

Professional dishwasher softeners: how to choose the right one?

On Gross Clima you can find a wide choice of professional dishwasher purifiers and professional dishwasher softeners to replace the part in your machine. Choosing it is easy: browse the category, find the purifier or softener suitable for your model of professional dishwasher and coffee machine and consult the product sheet with the details and compatibility with the different brands. This category also includes total water hardness analysis kits and chlorine analysis kits. Read the detailed product sheet to find the most suitable ones for you.

Professional coffee machine purifiers, buying guide

In our wide catalogue you will find different types of professional coffee machine purifiers and different softeners: manual, automatic and with different diameters and characteristics. In addition to purifiers and softeners, you will also find accessories: outlet filters, valves, descaling agents and others. Consult the information contained in the product sheet to find the most suitable spare part for your professional dishwasher or coffee machine, you will also find the compatibility with the different models.

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