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Online sale of spare parts for industrial refrigerators essential for professional refrigerators, refrigeration systems and cold rooms. In GrossClima's online catalogue you will find a wide assortment of accessories for refrigerators to be selected according to the type of food they contain, there are in fact refrigerators for restaurants ideal for storing meat or fish, refrigerators for pizzerias, ice cream parlors and bakeries.

Spare Parts for Industrial Refrigerators: which products do we deal with?

In the relevant section you will find a large category of spare parts for industrial refrigerators of all brands and types. We have refrigerated cabinets, blast chillers, refrigerated display cabinets, ice makers,
refrigeration engines, refrigeration units, fans and refrigeration compressors that will allow you to easily repair your appliance at the best price.

Buy Professional Refrigerator Spare Parts online of all brands

GrossClima has a wide selection of spare parts for professional refrigerators of all brands and models. Search by model and price for the material or accessory you need: thermostatic valves, defrosting resistors, cell door hinges, filters and detergents. You will find the part you are looking for in our catalogue, and if you cannot find it you can contact us, we will search for the material you need.

Find the product you are most interested in. On the relevant page you will find detailed images, technical data sheets, and recommendations for use to help you make your purchase decision. Add the materials to the shopping cart, choose your payment method from those available and confirm your order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button.


TCS4 ASCON TECNOLOGIC is a timer for professional refrigeration systems compatible with the ASCON TECNOLOGIC brands. It has dimensions 35x90x73 mm and defrosting cycle adjustable from 2 to 24 hrs. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE TCS4H -------- 1 --- ASCON TECNOLOGIC

System Kit 3 mcubes Cold Room

SYSTEM KIT 3 MCUBES COLD ROOM The kit includes: Ventilated evaporator EVS 040 ED ECP200 base2 electrical panel Refrigeration unit AV6212GK Fittings