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Online sale of Professional Dishwasher Spare Parts indispensable tools for industrial and professional dishwashers, glasswashers and industrial cupwashers. In GrossClima's online catalogue you will find a wide assortment of parts and accessories for washing in restaurants, bars, canteens or food industries.

Professional Dishwasher Spare Parts: what does this category include?

In the relevant section, you will find a wide variety of spare parts for professional dishwashers of all brands and types. You can find baskets, pre-wash pumps and showers, cycle programmers and reversers, thermostats, purifiers, softeners and their spare parts, boilers, heating elements, dispensers and detergents for professional dishwashers, salt and drains for industrial dishwashers.

Buy Industrial Dishwasher Spare Parts online of any brand

GrossClima has a wide selection of spare parts for industrial dishwashers of every brand and model. Search by model and price for the material or accessory you need: pre-wash pumps and showers, cycle programmers and inverters, thermostats, purifiers, softeners, heating elements, dispensers and detergents. You will find the part you are looking for in our catalogue, and if you can't find it you can contact us, we will search for the material you need.

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11409 ADLER Filter Fixing Rod ø 6 mm

11409 ADLER is a filter fixing support for professional dishwashers code 1220222 EPMS. It is compatible with the brands ASCASO, WHIRLPOOL, INDESIT. It has dimensions M6x42mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE 11409 ADLER ASCASO WHIRLPOOL - INDESIT 1220222 EPMS

NU308E FAG Roller Bearing

NU308E FAG is a bearing for professional washing machines compatible with AGA brands. It has an external ø 90 mm and an internal 40 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE AGA

Lower bush 8449 ATA

8449 ATA is a bushing for dishwasher professional code ATA755 ASCASO / 8449 ATA. It is compatible with equipment ATA, ASCASO. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODEATA755 ASCASO8449 ATA

Column Support Arm Dry 4674 ARISTARCHUS

4674 ARISTARCHUS is a support for the arm dry for dishwasher professional code 20LS027 ATEL / 4674 ARISTARCHUS. It is compatible with equipment ARISTARCHUS, ATEL. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE4674 ARISTARCHUS20LS027 ATEL

Nozzle Arm Rinse 12014 ADLER

12014 ADLER is a nozzle arm for dishwasher professional code 0HA085 ALPENINOX - ZANUSSI - ELECTROLUX. It is compatible with devices, ADLER, WHIRLPOOL, ELECTROLUX, ALPENINOX. Has a 1/4" thread and a hole diameter of 1.5 mm. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE12014 ADLER0HA085 ALPENINOX0HA085 ELECTROLUX 771985009877 WHIRLPOOL812014 WHIRLPOOL12014 /ADL12014 ZANUSSI

Body Reel Seat Wash Rinse

Cruises for dry mounting position of the lower dishwasher professional code 12009 ADLER - ZANUSSI. It is compatible with devices ADLER, ALPENINOX, ELECTROLUX, WHIRLPOOL, ZANUSSI. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE12009 ADLER070319 ALPENINOX070319 ELECTROLUX 812009 WHIRLPOOL771985009872 WHIRLPOOL12009 ZANUSSI070319 ZANUSSI7ADL12009 ZANUSSIADL12009...

Reel Cleaning Rinsing Complete 12084 ADLER

12084 ADLER is an arm of the wash and rinse for dishwasher professional code 12084/V ADLER / 812084 WHIRLPOOL. It is compatible with devices ADLER, CODIGEL, EPMS, WHIRLPOOL. Presents a mounting position above/below with nozzles 8 dry and 6 nozzles, rinse. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE12084 ADLER12084/V ADLERCODIGELEPMS812084 WHIRLPOOL771985009907 WHIRLPOOL

Pump Drain ASKOLL 048844 ZANUSSI

ASKOLL 048844 is a pump drain for dishwasher professional code 048844 ZANUSSI - ALPENINOX - ELECTROLUX. It is compatible with appliances ZANUSSI. ALPENINOX, ELECTROLUX, WHRILPOOL. Version with thermal fuse, power 30W voltage 220-240V. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE048844 +..80502222 ALPENINOX048844+...80502222 ELECTROLUX 148844 WHIRLPOOL048844+...80502222...

13770 ARISTARCO Display for Electronic Board 165x38 mm

It is a display for the electronic board for professional dishwashers code 9809890050 GORENJE. It is compatible with ARISTARCO brands. It has dimensions 165x38 mm Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE 13770 ARISTARCHUS

R36103620 RDF RUB.DEL FRIULI Blue Filler Tap Knob

It is a knob for column mixer tap compatible with the brands BARON, METOS, SOGET. It has a 7x7 mm square hole. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE BARON FAGOR METOS OLIS extension SUBJECT R36103620 RDF RUB.DEL FRIULI