Professional Fridge Cleaners

Online sale of Professional Refrigerator Cleaners, essential products for the treatment and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, formulated to effectively clean and sanitize both the inside and the outside of the refrigerator. In GrossClima's online catalogue you will find a wide range of components ideal for bars, restaurants, canteens, laboratories and industrial kitchens.

Detergents for professional refrigerators: which products do we deal with?

In the reference section you will find a large category of detergents for professional refrigerators of all brands and types. We have detergents available that are ideal for quick and thorough cleaning of fridges and refrigerators, consisting of alcohol and sanitising compounds. They clean radically without leaving residues that could come into contact with food, even without rinsing. Practical and quick, they eliminate odours.

Buy professional fridge cleaners of all brands online

GrossClima has a wide selection of professional refrigerator cleaners of all makes and models. On our directory you will find the item you are looking for with detailed pictures, technical data sheet, usage tips to help you in your purchasing decision, and if you can't find it you can contact us, we will look for the material you need.

The navigation on our site is simple and intuitive, to be used at its best needs little information such as brand, model or part of accessory, will find for you a long list, including all the spare parts you are looking for.

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