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Programmer 4905DV 20559 4 Cam

4905DV is a programmer for professional dishwashers code 4904DV0EQE0FB1000 CDC / 20559 ADLER / P725J04D7SG BIGATTI / 1460216 EPMS. It is compatible with equipment CDC, ADLER, BIGATTI, EPMS. Timer cyclic 60/120/180s., 2 engines compact size by 4-cam. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE20559 ADLERP725J04D7SG/LF032/D94.92M-4 BIGATTI4904DV0EQE0FB1000...

Programmer D94 20101 820101 4 Cam

D94 is a programmer for professional dishwashers code 20101 ADLER / 820101 - 771985010011 WHIRLPOOL. It is compatible with devices ADLER, WHIRLPOOL. Motor with rotation direction time, a cycle of 18 minutes, 220V power supply. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODE20101 ADLER820101 WHIRLPOOL771985010011 WHIRLPOOL
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