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4924915765 EGO Switch 0-3 Positions

4924915765 EGO is a switch for professional oven code COV.13 ASCASO. It is compatible with COVEN, SOLYMAC brands. Version with 16A 250V contact capacity and shaft diameter ø 6x4.6 mm. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE COVEN SOGECO SOLYMAC COV. 13 ASCASO 4924915765 EGO

EMTM0120 COVEN Timer 120 Minutes

EMTM0120 COVEN is a timer for professional oven code 537019301 LOTUS / 828794 EMMEPI. It is compatible with the brands ASCASO, WHIRLPOOL - INDESIT, EPMS. Mechanical timer with acoustic signal, complete with silk-screened plate. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE ASCASO EMTM0120 COVEN 828794 EMMEPI 537019301 LOTUS WHIRLPOOL - INDESIT EPMS

Fan motor FIR 1055.1401 Oven EMMTAH13 COVEN

FIR 1055.1401 is a fan motor for ovens professional code EMMTAH13 COVEN / EMMTAH13 PARRY. It is compatible with devices COVEN, PARRY, SOLYMAC. Has a power of 0.2 kW, the amperage is 1.5 A and a frequency of 50Hz. Adaptability:MANUFACTURER CODEEMMTAH13 COVENEMMTAH13 COVENEMMTAH13 PARRYSOLYMAC

MCCHSAMX2 COVEN Oven Door Handle

MCCHSAMX2 COVEN is a handle for professional oven door code R020678 INTERTECNICA. It is compatible with the brands ASCASO, COVEN, MODULINE. It has dimensions 160x39 mm and internal fixing. Adaptability: MANUFACTURER CODE ASCASO MCCHSAMX2 COVEN MODULINE R020678 INTERTECHNICS
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